Small Business Owners don't need a Strategy . . . Do they?
Don't make the same mistakes as other businesses - make your strategy simple, accountable & fun and on just 1 page!

Most companies are not clear on their strategy and do not have a proven method for recording their action, or holding themselves accountable.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you 100% clear on what your targets are this month in the 5 main areas of your business & who is responsible for the actions?
  • Do you trust yourself to hold yourself accountable to meet your targets?
  • Have you forecasted the impact on meeting those targets over the next few months?

BGI’s methodology & framework is based on BGI Strategy on a Page™, which is strategy from PURPOSE all the way through to ACCOUNTABILITY – accompanied by actions & targets on one single page of A4.

BGI Strategy on a Page™ came from Deri Llewellyn-davies’ extensive business experience, of being non-executive and executive on 18 different boards, advising over 200 companies (including angel and venture capital networks) and an MBA. The framework has a proven track record of working with one-person companies to 20 million pound companies.

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Learn everything from:

  • What the 5 main areas of business are 
  • What you should be focusing on 
  • Mistakes business owners make
  • The FAQs that you didn’t know you needed to know 
  • How you can plan your whole business on just 1 page!


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